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Finally,Thinking year after year, month by month,here I am with my blog.

I am CG artist/MotionGraphicArtist/VFXartist! and basically none of these (haa..I know a bit of all but not an expert, thriving to be one).

Based in India, I am a working professional now and it's been a year.Have a Engineering Degree with honors (tell me about that, no use in general 0.o) and an advanced diploma in VFX and 3D.

I love to play with 3dsMax, Cinema4D and After effects.FumeFx, Rayfire, blah blah blah...I love it all as a learner.

Here I will try to show-off my skills ("ohh..yeah as he got few -__-") on time to time basis.May be some tutorials, maybe some tricks which I have learned or cool stuff from other guys :D.

Showoffs : 

ShowReel 2014 : http://vimeo.com/98260786
Youtube Channel : youtube.com/giridharzinta (yes, press on that subscribe button and you will get cookies!, trust me, I have tried it)

Let's CG it.- DrEmoTonic


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